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Probleme mit Netzwerkgeschwindigkeit (PCMCIA/Kernel 2.4.20)

Hello Debian laptop experts!

I have a problem with the network speed of my little home network
and hope you can help me. 

When copying data between my laptop (Acer TM 520) and my desktop
computer lots of collisions occur and the speed is very low (about
100 kB/sec.) 

Both computers are running woody with vanilla-kernel 2.4.21. 
My desktop computer has a 10Mbit ethernet adapter using the ne2kpci
driver, my laptop uses a D-Link DFE 650 pcmcia card (pcnet_cs
driver). Both are connected via a ethernet hub (no other computers
in the network)

Copying via NFS is very slow independent from the usage of the
kernel internal pcmcia drivers (module yenta_socket) or the
pcmcia_cs drivers (module i82365). 

But copying via ftp is much faster...

What I do not understand is that the described behaviour does not
occur when I run a 2.4.18-kernel on the laptop (identical
configuration like the 2.4.21) but does occur with 2.4.20.

Any ideas?

Best regards


Christoph Maurer - http://www.christophmaurer.de
mailto:christoph-maurer@gmx.de - Tux# 194235

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