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Re: Probleme mit Netzwerkgeschwindigkeit (PCMCIA/Kernel 2.4.20)

On Tue, 24 Jun 2003 18:36:29 +0200
"Christoph Maurer" <christoph-maurer@gmx.de> wrote:

> When copying data between my laptop (Acer TM 520) and my desktop
> computer lots of collisions occur and the speed is very low (about
> 100 kB/sec.) 

> Both computers are running woody with vanilla-kernel 2.4.21. 
> My desktop computer has a 10Mbit ethernet adapter using the ne2kpci
> driver, my laptop uses a D-Link DFE 650 pcmcia card (pcnet_cs
> driver). Both are connected via a ethernet hub (no other computers
> in the network)

> Copying via NFS is very slow independent from the usage of the
> kernel internal pcmcia drivers (module yenta_socket) or the
> pcmcia_cs drivers (module i82365). 
> But copying via ftp is much faster...

Sounds like an NFS config problem.  Please do some more testing...  use 
	time wget -c http://server/foo
to download a large file via HTTP and time it

Then do a similar thing via smb if you can - mount a samba share and
	time cp /samba/file ~
Samba should be the slowest due to overheads.  If NFS comes out slower
than smb then its a NFS config problem, and I'd suggest swapping from
nfs-user-server to nfs-kernel-server or the other way around :-)

For me, NFS is significantly faster.


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