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Re: Replacing Stolen laptop

Thus spoke Larry Colen <lrclug@red4est.com>
( Mon, 23 Jun 2003 15:25:39 -0700 ):

> Good news, it looks like homeowners insurance will buy me a
> "comparable" laptop to replacey my Gateway Liberty...
> Reccomendations? Units to avoid?

I've been using an IBM R31 for a few months and I really like it,
considering the price: $800 new.  I had no trouble getting Sarge
working nicely, and there are many sites (even debs) specifically for

Two bad things about this particular model:  battery life is about 2.5
hours, which isn't very good; the APM BIOS is a little buggy, and no
one seems to have found a way to make the machine hibernate.

I'd recommend a Thinkpad pretty much no matter what your price point
is.  They're rock-solid hardware, nice keyboards (big issue for me),
very good screens.  They all have stick pointers, so that may be bad
news if you love trackpads.  In that case I'd recommend a Powerbook or
iBook:  they all run Linux very well, and the hardware, again, is


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