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Re: Laptop Losing Time

On Fri, 20 Jun 2003, Jeff wrote:
> My laptop, a Dell Latitude C610 running Sarge, has been losing time to
> the tune of about 15-20 minutes every 12 hours.
> I found a thread that suggested the Motherboard battery, and I may
> change that later.
> Also in that thread was a suggestion by Rob Weir to check the
> interupts on the system, and that this may cause this problem.  I
> checked using procinfo -n1 and can see that irq 0 "timer" has the
> highest interupt count and it's incrementing at a rate of 100 per
> second.
> Does anyone have any insite into this?  Rob had indicated that if an
> irq was getting a lot of interupts, that could effect the time.

Some laptops lose ticks when the APM subsystem is called to check
battery status. Try disabling any APM monitor on your machine and see if
it still occurs.


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