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Re: IR & Serial Port Problems

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I have the same problem on a 600E-2645-4AU.

The solution was to build pcmcia-cs with the -pnp option, so that lspnp/setpnp worked. Then, I can use setpnp to change these without having to boot into Losedoze or DOS.

I've also just pulled out the pnp-related files from pcmcia-cs, and built a pnpbios.o module that just does the pnp stuff only, so setpnp can work. Haven't made a Debian package ofthis thing but if you want it let me know and I can post it somewhere.

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On Mon, Jun 09, 2003 at 11:24:09AM -0700, Kris wrote:
> I have an IBM ThinkPad 600 and currently I have to use the windows utility to disable the IR port and enable the serial
> port.  Once in a great while on reboot the system will restore it's bios settings back to default and the IR port is
> turned back on.  I then have to go through the process again of setting up the windows partition again.  I have tpctl
> and ThinkPad base but the power says error.  Below are the readouts for tpctl --rsx the top is working serial the bottom
> is working IR no serial.  Please assist
> com1 on
> resource state:                        ioaddr irq#   able? mode/power
>    serial port 1:                       0x3f8 IRQ4  enable on
>    serial port 2:                       0x0   IRQ0 disable
> com1 off
> resource state:                        ioaddr irq#   able? mode/power
>    serial port 1:                       0x0   IRQ0 disable (error)
>    serial port 2:                       0x3f8 IRQ4  enable
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