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Re: interrupt(s) dropped when lid closed

> the kernel does not have APM complied into it.  given the suggestion,
> i went ahead and purged the apm utilities using dselect.
> also, as i indicated before, i have disabled power managment with the
> bios.
> and, i still get the same message.  if the cover is closed, the laptop
> does not accept any connections from the pcmcia nic card, and issues
> an interrupt(s) dropped when something is directed to it.  could there
> be something about the pcmcia cards themselves? (they are both belkin
> f5d5020) or how they talk with the cpu?
> i really don't know all that much about this stuff, but it seems to me
> that(before the kernel update), when i closed the lid, and the lcd
> display went off, that the linux os didn't react, but now, with
> 2.4.20, it does something that prevents the pcmcia cards from talking
> to the cpu.  but, since APM is in the kernel, linux shouldn't care at
> all if the lid is open or if the lid is closed and the lcd screen is
> off, right?

I had the same problems with my asus l3c. the processor would just stop
working while the lid was closed (so music stops playing, network
connections timeout, ...). installing a vanilla kernel with acpi-patch
and acpi enabled solved this for me, so it might help you too.


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