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Re: Portable Laptop-Friendly Keyboards

I'd have to recommend this keyboard over the happy hacking keyboard:
The main advantage being that it has function keys - at the disadvantage
that, as some would say, 'the ctrl key is in the wrong spot' which is to
say it's where normal pc keyboards have it.  It's on sale for 17 bucks
right now, and has builtin usb hub just like the hh keyboard, but it's
$40 cheaper iirc.  I bought a ps2 and usb version initially, and am going
back to get two more ps2 keyboards (I made the mistake of not stocking up
on a good keyboard once, I'm not doing it again). my KVMs like ps2... my
laptop likes the usb.

You may also want to look around, there's a smaller usb keyboard on
directrons site [directron.com], but you can also follow their site to the
manufacturers sites and see the other keyboards that exist out there,
which you may be able to find elsewhere.  I was browsing some yesterday
and definitely remember seeing some usb keyboards with builtin 'mice'
(thumbpad like on a game controller) - though they might have been
wireless also (good or bad, depending on your view of making sure you
have spare batteries).

good luck in your search.

Martin Norland

On 12 Jun 2003, Mark Janssen wrote:

> On Wed, 2003-06-11 at 21:46, Dan Rasmussen wrote:
> > I think I might be in a fairly uncommon situation here.  I have a rather
> > old laptop, and one of the problems with this laptop (among others ;) )
> [broken keyboard on laptop]
> >
> > So I'm wondering if any of you can recommend a good laptop-compatible
> > keyboard.  My dream keyboard would be USB (if it were PS/2 I'd need my
> It doesn't have a tracking device built in (use an USB mouse for that ?)
> But I can really recomment a 'Happy Hacking Keyboard'. I have the ps2
> version, but I think they have USB versions as well these days (had mine
> for years). They are really small, so handy to take along, and type
> really nice (good keypitch, size, pressure).
> Using a usb-mouse alongside that should eradicate your need for
> keyboards with built-in pointers... ( I only know of a few of those,
> most suck extremely, because they use a built-in trackball)
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