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Re: do I need cardmgr if using hotplug and yenta_socket?

On Sat, 2003-06-07 at 17:27, Mauro Darida wrote:

> If I use the 2.4.20 kernel yenta_socket (CardBus) driver and PCI hotplug, do I 
> still need the pcmcia-cs package 

I've teared my hair out during the last days with this and surrounding
issues. I use a Xircom cardbus card, and the kernel (2.4.20) does not
see it as a pcmcia, but a pci device, managed by hotplug. What I found
out is this:

I needed hotplug _and_ pci hotplug support in the kernel, IIRC (sorry,
the whole thing was a bit confusing sometimes. In any case, I have now
both compiled in and it works)

'/etc/init.d/pcmcia start' must run to load the pcmcia core modules.
Therefore, everything that needs a running network (e.g.,
/etc/init.d/mountnfs.sh) must run after pcmcia startup. (E.g., I had to
move the mountnfs.sh runlevel link from /etc/rcS.d to /etc/rc3.d (my
default runlevel) _after_ pcmcia)

Remove the "auto eth0" (or whatever interface you use) from

If you want eth0 to be brought up automatically on boot, and you run
hotplug 0.0.20030117-2 or later, read
/usr/share/doc/hotplug/README.Debian and/or

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