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Hi there...
Anyone had any luck with swsusp?
I had my kernel patched and compiled - no problems.
I downloaded the suspend.sh script, and installed it with config file and the created 'hibernate' script. I have a problem when resuming (or suspending). This is that the 'networking' service returns an error. I don't know why it doesn't work. It only gives me the "Configuring network interfaces : Operation failed." How can I set a more verbose error report from 'networking'? If I only know why it gives me that error, it's alot easier to fix the problem...

After the resume, my eth0 isn't restored. 'ifup' gives the "interface already configured" so I need to run 'ifdown'. After that ifup works just fine, and all my networking is back to normal. Why I get errors when resuming, and afterwards can run an ifdown/ifup and it works is pretty confusing to me.

Any suggestions?

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