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Thinkpad R32 clock too slow


i am running a IBM Thinkpad R32 featuring a Mobile Pentium 4 1,7Ghz with
Debian testing. Most stuff works under Linux quite good, but there still
some broken things.
Probably the most annoying thing is that the time is always out of sync. 
First I thought it might be a hardware problem, a defect clock chip or
something like that. But I noticed that this time shift only happens,
when the Laptop is running or in suspend mode. 
If I sync the time with an internet NTP Server short before i switch off
the laptop, the bios shows a correct time at the next boot.
Investigating this problem I found out that the 2.4.20 feature a
function with offers switching off something called TSC, I tried this
because it was a patch from IBM about a problem related to a wrong time 
working time stamp counter and described as necessary even for some
laptops. Unfortunately this option isn't documented very well and what
it is even worse, it doesn't fix the problem.
What do you think? A hardware problem and I should send the notebook to
IBM (still in guarantee time) or a software problem related to speedstep
or something like this? ( I switched in the bios all settings to the
most power saving ones)


P.S.: I read in the archive about one trying to get DRI running with the
Mobility M6 LY, can#t answere in Thread because i just subscribed. Faced 
the same problem. The DRI Code of XFree 4.2.x is too old, you have too 
replaced it by the code of the dri project or a already patch xserver
i.e. drm-trunk. 

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