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Re: XF86Config-4 on TP 760EL

Nate Bargmann wrote:
> * David Woyciesjes <dwoyciesjes@comcast.net> [2003 Feb 05 18:39 -0600]:
> >       Only 256 at 800x600? Looks like (according to this sheet here) you
> > must've had the 9547-U6H model 760EL, which has a 11.3 DSTN LCD panel.
> I believe you're right.  Your EL has the same video hardware as this
> 760ED I'm using right now.  I have a version 3.3.x XF86Config file up on
> my Web host for the 9385.  Follow the link below in my signature block
> and then go to my Debian on the TP760ED page and you can grab it there.
> I can send you the version 4 XF86Config file I am using on this laptop
> if you want it.  It would be a good idea for me to put it up on the Web
> as well...
> - Nate >>
> --

	Thanks. Got the 3.3.x XF86Config file. BTW, the Oasis links end up
	Your 760ED has the 9385 w/2MB VRAM? Mine's only got 1MB, but that
shouldn't be a problem. I'll try adding the info from your 3.3.x config
files, and see if that works for mine, in XF86Config-4.
	I'd be great, though if you could send me your XF86Config-4 file too.
It'll probably be Monday by the time I get to check my e-mail again, so
this'll be a bit of a test to see how Iam fiddling with X... :)

---Dave Woyciesjes
---ICQ# 905818

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