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Re: Thinkpad T30 Specs

On 04 Feb 2003, Alexandre Beelen wrote:


>> > - ACPI
>> Yes, but YMMV.
> Could you expand this ?

The level of support for ACPI, especially in terms of system monitoring,
varies enormously. IIRC, last time I tried ACPI couldn't report the
battery state on my machine.

What is and isn't supported, or what causes an oops, varies
semi-randomly from kernel version to kernel version. APM just works on
the IBM...

>> > - IBM ThinkNav for mouse navigations
>> Yes.
> You mean the trackpoint ?

Yup. Didn't you?

>> > 4. Does IBM Fn keys works with Linux (I know that with Toshiba it
>> > work if toshiba kernel support enabled, and with Dell Latitude it
>> > also work without enabling anything)
>> Suspend to disk fails for me, but the other function keys and the
>> volume control keys all work. Also, the extended "Internet" keys work
>> fine as normal keys.
> Under X ? what keyboard layout do you use in your XF86Config file ?

They supply keycodes, vis:

! The "Internet" key panel on the left.
keycode 236  =  F13
keycode 178  =  F14
keycode 229  =  F15
keycode 230  =  F16
keycode 231  =  F17
keycode 232  =  F18

! The page left and right keys...
keycode 234  =  F19
keycode 233  =  F20

! The 'Fn' key.
! keycode 227  =  ???

Add that to your .xmodmap and load it.[1]


[1]  I use a somewhat hackup up programmers dvorak layout, which isn't
what you wanted to know. :)

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