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Re: XF86Config-4 on TP 760EL

* David Woyciesjes <dwoyciesjes@comcast.net> [2003 Feb 04 09:36 -0600]:
> 	Hmmm, okay. Well, I can use the existing XF86Config-4 as a template,
> and fill in the info from the 'working XF86Config (3.x). Hopefully that
> will do the trick...

I'd like to know which version of Windows?  The version the machine I
played with had 3.1 installed and that only supported 256 colors (8bpp).

> 	If all else fails, I guess I'm going back to 3.3.6, eh? IIRC< I can
> pick that up through apt-get, right?

Sure.  Look for the xserver-svga package.

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