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Re: first post - which laptop to buy for OPTIMAL audio & graphics

hello rama..

Received at 2002-12-02 / 11:02 by Rama:
> hi all, I'm new to laptops (just about to get the first one) and I'd
> need an advise on which option should be considered in order to get the
> best sound & graphics performance from it. I'd need a good audio
> solution (if none onboard audio is acceptable, probably USB or other
> alternative, but I don't even know which would be fine) and also good
> openGL (for example nVidia w/64 m are interesting, but I know radeon
> might also work with openGl/Accel through DRI but I'm not quite sure
> about it and don't know anybody with that working.

i own a toshiba satellite 3000-601, check
for more details.

gfx performance is quite good (geforce 2 go) and current satellites
incorporate a geforce 4 go, imho.
if you attach proper speakers the sound of the intel 810 soundchip is
good, too. do not expect anything good from the internal ones.
but i am no audio expert, so for (semi-)professional use it is likely
not to be appropriate.

there are some problems with acpi on my machine, though, but nothing
essential. some special keys (fn) do not work, too, but again,
nothing essential.

i cannot tell you anything about the support from toshiba, had no
problems since the day of purchase (february 2002).

::: sebastian henschel
::: kodeaffe
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