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Re: e100 and hotplug on Thinkpad T23

On Thu, Nov 14, 2002 at 03:27:43PM -0800, Expert User wrote:
> > If they don't already have something to go and look, you can make one
> > (and maybe submit it to update the package).  But I think you can have
> > it trigger other events too, so it can become your pcmcia/event.d/
> > equivalent.
> > 
> How do I make the cable plug/unplug trigger an event?

Okay.  Let me try this again :)   I *have not* done what you describe.  I
dunno if it will work.  I certainly cannot give a step-by-step about it.

However, the mail app designed to go with masqdialer - which itself puts
up and tears down connections - is designed to be able to look for
connection status.  Down to and including being able to to be fed
scripts to help.

So... either the 'masqdialer' or 'masqmail' packages, if you install
them, may be able to be shoehorned into doing what you'd like to do,
with a little effort on your part.  NOTE: last I looked, though it was a
while back, their docs were kind of minimal.  CAREFUL: working with
scripts at this level may require them to have root privs, and that may
lead to security issues.

Best of luck.

* Heather Stern * star@ many places...
                * Starshine Technical Services -*- 800 938 4078

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