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Re: Which laptop.....

On Friday 15 November 2002 07:33, Richard Ibbotson wrote:

> This month's LJ has a feature written by Heather Mead which starts
> with a reference to Toshiba and their insistence that you shall use
> M$ products on their laptops.   Heather would like us to have a
> look at..
> http://www.linuxjournal.com/article.php?sid=6318
> personally I took the hint and put Debian 3.0 into my Toshiba
> Libretto.  A friend of mine also installs Linux of any sort into
> any Toshiba hardware that he finds :)

When I first started looking for a laptop, I'd asked all my Linux 
friends what experiences they'd had with laptops and Linux.  I got a 
Toshiba based on the feedback I got, or lack of negative feedback, 
that is.

I own a Toshiba Satellite 1805-S274 and keep notes on it at 
http://www.wigglit.com/toshiba_notes.html.  There are 2 or 3 other 
Toshibas of this model listed at http://www.linux-laptop.net.  It's 
interesting that each of those (and my) websites notes particular 
problems with this model but the problems don't seem consistent 
between the involved webmasters.  I mean, I don't have half the 
problems that those webmasters have with their Toshibas.  APM works 
without a hitch, and I've no CPU overheating problems (reflashing the 
BIOS took care of that).  

Alot of Linux laptop users out there are quick to condemn a brand of 
notebook because they think they are so Linux-smart that it MUST be a 
problem with the laptop or the distribution...when usually its a 
problem with the operator.

It must also be noted that no one considers the feat of being able to 
carry a full-blown computer around nowadays.  Having that much 
computer power in your bag or backpack while traveling is just 
amazing, but its become so commonplace that I think people are numb 
to the wow factor...everything that affects a normal computer is 
multiplied exponentially with a notebook.  There are bound to be 
problems with certain makes/models, due to design flaws or just plain 
physics.  People are so pampered nowadays that all they want to see 
are positive results.

I've not tried Debian on this laptop yet, although I've run Libranet 
1.9.1 on it.  It's currently running Slackware 8.1.  I'm sooooo 
tempted to try a Debian install on it but its running pretty much 
perfectly at the moment...I'd hate to ruin that serenity.  :o)

Ron aka W|GGL|T

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