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Re: e100 and hotplug on Thinkpad T23

On Wed, Nov 13, 2002 at 08:59:55PM -0600, Shyamal Prasad wrote:
>     "Expert" == Expert User <expert@bapat.net> writes:
>     Expert> In /etc/hotplug/net.agent file there are appropriate
>     Expert> entries for ifup & ifdown.  # cat /etc/sys/kernel/hotplug
>     Expert> shows '/sbin/hotplug'.

I believe this is for blades in RAID-servers and other hardware that
can be yanked out while powered, much like pc-cards.  The hardware
in such devices knows how to signal a state change, and 'htoplug' is
a move towards getting them all centered around one codebase.

It'd be a closer call to wonder if it would help my cd-burner trouble -
that is, an atapi/pcmcia cd-rw which once its modules are unloaded, 
will never burn again until rebooted even if the modules reload - 
than to think it'd work on just a cord being pulled.  My ATAPI card
knows how to signal its status - or more accurately pcmcia signals
its absence and presence - a cord doesn't.

The best you get is "link beat lost" from the ethernet driver.

>     Expert> BUT, removing & inserting the cable, does not have the
>     Expert> desired effect of running ifup & ifdown on eth0.

Perhaps you want to follow the model found in the masqdialer software;
while obviously designed for a modem link going dead on it, it does 
have other means to try and guess that it's become detached, so that
it won't send mail into deep space.

If they don't already have something to go and look, you can make one
(and maybe submit it to update the package).  But I think you can have
it trigger other events too, so it can become your pcmcia/event.d/

Lemme know if it helps, I've never had to do it that way :)

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                * Starshine Technical Services -*- 800 938 4078

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