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Re: NTFS fears

On Fri, 2002-08-30 at 17:39, Jaye Inabnit ke6sls wrote:

> I have been reading a lot of info about NFTS used on this laptop by 
> Windoz-XP.   The original thought was to simply re-size the HD to make room 
> for Linux.  Now, after reading all these warnings, I am wondering if 
> re-sizing is even possible or sane?  One user on a local LUG strongly advised 
> against attempting to resize the drive.
> After reading up on both Gnu/Parted and Randish(sp), I think it isn't the 
> best idea to try to resize NTFS.  However, I would like to get any info from 
> others who may have actually done this and succeeded.
> I did procure a copy of Partition Magic 7.0, which apparently will try to 
> resize the NTFS partition.  My reasoning is: worse case, I can always dump an 
> old copy of windoz98se and try to locate drivers later.
> The reason I wanted to save this installation was to be able to use a generic 
> windoz box when testings stuff like browsers, my LAN network settings, etc.
> Concensus?  Should I go for it, or foobar the hd/working install and start 
> over with win98se and hope drivers exist?

I used PM 7.0 quite often for resizing NTFS partitions, and it always
worked --- except this one time (..), where my complete partition table
was completely shredded to pieces for good. And I am still not sure why
that happened ... so, basically you should be alright with using PM, but
whatever you do .... backup your data !!!

You just can't be sure what windows is up to ;)


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