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Re: NTFS fears

On Fri, 30 Aug 2002, Jaye Inabnit ke6sls wrote:
> I have been reading a lot of info about NFTS used on this laptop by
> Windoz-XP. The original thought was to simply re-size the HD to make
> room for Linux. Now, after reading all these warnings, I am wondering
> if re-sizing is even possible or sane? 


> I did procure a copy of Partition Magic 7.0, which apparently will try
> to resize the NTFS partition. My reasoning is: worse case, I can
> always dump an old copy of windoz98se and try to locate drivers later.

Partition Magic has been reported by many people to work quite reliably
in this configuration, including someone I discussed exactly your
situation (resize existing XP partition) with recently off-list.

So, on that basis, you should be fine doing it with Partition Magic. I
would not recommend using any of the free tools to do the work, though,
unless you really want to test them.

While I don't know they will fail, I have heard nothing that says they
will work, which makes me nervous for the data. Oh, and do backups of
anything that matters first. :)


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