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NTFS fears

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    Greetings again list:

I have been reading a lot of info about NFTS used on this laptop by 
Windoz-XP.   The original thought was to simply re-size the HD to make room 
for Linux.  Now, after reading all these warnings, I am wondering if 
re-sizing is even possible or sane?  One user on a local LUG strongly advised 
against attempting to resize the drive.

After reading up on both Gnu/Parted and Randish(sp), I think it isn't the 
best idea to try to resize NTFS.  However, I would like to get any info from 
others who may have actually done this and succeeded.

I did procure a copy of Partition Magic 7.0, which apparently will try to 
resize the NTFS partition.  My reasoning is: worse case, I can always dump an 
old copy of windoz98se and try to locate drivers later.

The reason I wanted to save this installation was to be able to use a generic 
windoz box when testings stuff like browsers, my LAN network settings, etc.

Concensus?  Should I go for it, or foobar the hd/working install and start 
over with win98se and hope drivers exist?

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