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Linux drivers for TI ACX100 (D-Link 650+)


I've only recently sub'd to this list, but after a few days of searching
other google & assorted resources on the net I was wondering if anyone here
may be able to suggest a rock I have not looked under yet. I'm trying to
find info on the current state of development for the D-Link 650+ drivers.
This is the new 22Mbps 802.11(g?) card based on the TI ACX100 chipset. I
have not been able to find any info on status of linux drivers, or any
reference docs on the chipset itself on TI's site.

I had considered contacting D-Link/TI to request any white
papers/programming info on this card/chipset, but wanted to make sure it
wasn't currently in development already before doing so. So, any ideas where
one might look to ensure the status (or non-status) of any ongoing work for
linux (or even *BSD) drivers for this card/chip (I'm under the impression
from the bit of info I could find there's quite a bit of firmware
differences btwn the D-Link & USR cards)...


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