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Re: Asus L2D

Werner Heuser wrote:

Hi Samuele,

I have tried to contact the owner of Linux on Laptops, but he seems
very busy. As long as the situtation doesn't change I have
started to provide Linux laptop links at http://mobilix.org , may
I include a link to your site, too?


	Of course :)
The link is http://web.cln.it/samuele/L2460D/index.html.
BTW, some time ago I was reading your Laptop HOWTO and it seems to me to remember you were searching for more information on mobile AMD CPUs on portable computers; maybe this page could be useful for that, and if you are still searching infos about this thing feel free to contact me.


Samuele Catusian                  -o)      ,''`.
                                   /\      : :' :
http://web.cln.it/samuele/        _\_V     `. `'

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