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RE: Sharp SPAM [marketing@sharpsystems.com: Special Price Offer f or Select Sharp Systems Products]


Good comment.

I too will ensure that Sharp products are not included in any future
systems that I or the company that I work for design.


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From: Erich Schubert [mailto:erich@debian.org]
Sent: Monday, August 26, 2002 12:33 PM
To: debian-laptop@lists.debian.org; debian-devel@lists.debian.org
Cc: marketing@sharpsystems.com; postmaster@sharpsystems.com;
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Subject: Sharp SPAM [marketing@sharpsystems.com: Special Price Offer for
Select Sharp Systems Products]

It appears that Sharp Systems systematically spammed writers to the
Debian-Laptop list, which certainly is an abuse of the debian lists.
(they did not spam the list, so they don't directly violate the
anti-spam rules of debian though) The spam arrived 12. Aug 2002.
I was spammed shortly after posting there about LCD screens, and a few
other posters confirmed my assumption that this resulted to that spam.

The SPAM contained correct headers and was properly addressed,
mailserver was gatekeeperil2.sharpsec.com, which is registered to sharp
as well. It even refers to a probably correct Sharp Freecall number
(although i do not live in the USA, so i can't call it)

I did NOT request any information from Sharp, especially not about LCD
screens (why should i buy an LCD screen in the States, where i have to
pay shipment to Europe, when i've got a 1600x1200 LCD in my non-Sharp
fine notebook?)

It's a shame that a compaby i though once as a major player relies on
such dodgy - and in many countries ILLEGAL - methods of annoying
potential customers. Guess i'll drop them into my filter list, or
wait for them to spam me again, then sue them.


Well, i hope this public complaint and discredit, which most probably
be kept in the archives on the net for a long time will make them stop
doing such inpolite things and reconsider their marketing strategies...
I also now decided that I won't spend my money on a "Sharp Zaurus".
(I didn't really intend to buy any PDA anyway).

----- Forwarded message from Sharp Systems Marketing
<marketing@sharpsystems.com> -----

Organisation: Sharp Systems of America
From: "Sharp Systems Marketing" <marketing@sharpsystems.com>
To: "Erich Schubert" <erich@debian.org>
Subject: Special Price Offer for Select Sharp Systems Products

Erich Schubert,
Sharp Systems of America is offering its award-winning products at a special
price to select customers and companies!
Come to www.sharpsystems.com and look at our award winning line of notebook
PCs and LCD monitors.
>From now until September 30, 2002 you are entitled to receive a $100 rebate
when purchasing any of the following products from Sharp Place: Actius
MV10W, Actius UM30W or LL-T1820B LCD monitor.
Simply order your product from www.sharpplace.com, and send a copy of this
offer along with your on-line receipt from Sharp Place to: Sharp Systems,
5901 Bolsa Ave, Huntington Beach, CA 92647 
For more info, check out our website, or call us at (800) BE-SHARP.

*if you prefer not to receive mailings in the future, please send an email
to remove@sharpsystems.com

----- End forwarded message -----
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