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Compag presario 1920

Hi all !

Since few days, I've experienced strange behavior of my compaq laptop when swithing 
it on. The screen is completly dark but it seems that I can hear some boot activities
(eg : HDD led light, peripherals checks..). Thus, assuming that it has booted, I did connect
a monitor to it but again nothing the screen is still dark. I did repeat same operations
several times but nothing happened.....

Are you already faced to such kind of thing ? Is it a probleme related to
the motherboard ? what can I do to check this pb? Any help/comments you might be able 
to give me would be much appreciated. Thanks 

Tran Nguyen, STMicroelectronics, Acceleration & CoSimulation (ACS) Team Leader.
Phone: +33 (0)47658 4056, Fax: +33 (0)47658 4011, FRANCE.

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