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ANN: Synaptics touchpad driver 0.11.3


a new issue of the XFree86 4.x driver for the 
Synaptics touchpad is available at 
The driver is programmed by Stefan Gmeiner.


Works with the two-dimensional scroll wheel.


- Movement with adjustable, non-linear acceleration 
  and speed (Options: MinSpeed, MaxSpeed, AccelFactor)
- Button events through short touching of the 
  touchpad (Options: MaxTapTime, MaxTapMove)
- Double-Button events through double short 
  touching of the touchpad 
- Dragging through short touching and holding down the 
  finger on the touchpad
- Middle and right button events on the upper and lower 
  corner of the touchpad (Option: Edges)
- Scrolling (button four and five events) through moving 
  the finger on the right side of the touchpad 
  (Options: Edges, VertScrollDelta)
- The up/down button sends button four/five events
- Adjustable finger detection (Option: Finger)
- Ext Mouse repeater support - Alpha! (Option: Repeater)
- Multifinger taps: two finger for middle button and three 
  finger for right button events
- Online configuration through short-memory (in development) 
  (Option: SHMConfig)

It works with this machines and probably other 
laptops (please let me know your results).

- Acer TravelMate 210TEV
- Acer TravelMate 630
- Acer TravelMate 739TL
- COMPAQ Presario 1213EA
- DELL Inspiron 2500
- DELL Inspiron 8000
- DELL Latitude C800
- Gateway Solo 9300
- Gericom M6T
- Gericom Webboy
- HP Omnibook XE3 500
- Medion MD9580-F - Aldi (Nord)
- Samsung GT8800DXV
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