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Re: Install on X22 without floppy and cdrom

On Tue, Aug 27, 2002 at 05:34:31PM -0700, River Y. Liu wrote:
> I ran LILO on /dev/hda2, which is my root partition. And I even could
> boot from my desktop. But when I insert the hard disk back to the
> laptop, the error appeared. Last night I installed windows 98. I thought
> maybe the two machines had two different BIOS. It still producted error.
> Do you think my hard disk is damaged? Or because IBM has some wierd
> setting for hard disk in BIOS.

Silly question, but did you reinsert the HD the right way up? I seem to
recall that unlike 3 1/2" HDs the 2 1/2" HDs can be inserted either way.

If you have inserted the HD the correct way, I'd say that since the HD
works OK with the desktop machine, and since the win2k used to boot on
the laptop, that the HD is fine, but that possibly the pins in the HD
bay might have got bent or somesuch.

I doubt very much that the BIOS settings would make any difference. Just
to be on the safe side try restoring them to the default settings (if
you have changed them).

Hope you manage to get it to work.


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