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Re: Asus L2D

Hi !

On Tue, Aug 27, 2002 at 02:18:46PM +0200, Hatschi Alibaba wrote:
> Hi...
> Does anybodyhave any experience with ASUS Notebooks? I took a look at the
> Linux-Laptop page, but didn't find "my" notebook. I've got the L-2000-d series.
> That's a 1400+ Athlon, 256 ram etc... The Graphic-Chip is a SiS 730S. And
> that's where my problem starts. Till now i coulnd't manage to get X working.
> Had XFree 4.02 and used the sis driver. But all I got was a colordepth of
> 8Bits... Any other colordepth leaded to an wierd screen, chaning from dark to
> bright, then backwards and then again getting bright and finally ends up white.
> Looks really wierd. So now I want to ask if anyone knows that problem, and
> hopefully a good solution, since using a 8bit depth isn't quite what i
> expected. So if anyone has a useful xf86config-file or any other suggestions,
> i'd really appreciate it...
> sincerely, daniel...
I have a L8400L Asus notebook. It works fine.
I can't use the modem with Linux, but I can connect to the internet 
with an external modem or through ethernet.
I didn't try pcmcia.

I suppose you are running woody. You could upgrade to XFree86 Version It works with my ati card ; with SiS chip I don't know, but
it's worth a try.


Pierre Meurisse

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