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RE: sleep/suspend on Toshiba 2805-S302

At 10:01 AM 08/16/02 -0500, Ditch, Derek  P., MO-ARNG wrote:
>I've had this same issue on the Toshiba 2805-S301.  It has the Savage MX/IX
>chipset.  I've tried to suspend a couple of times and seems to suspend but
>then the screen goes all white and locks up the machine.  Haven't done it in
>a while but I think in order to power on I have to pull the battery and the
>power supply.  I could be wrong about that though, I gave up about 4 months
>ago.  If anyone has suggestions please let me know.

I spent a day trying to figure it out on my 2805-S302, and then realized it
wasn't really that hard to just shut down. ;)

Bill Moseley

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