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Linux on Toshiba Satellite 210 CS

Hi everybody,
I am new in the list (and in Linux as well...) so I would like to apologize if my
questions are repeating an old subject.

I would like to use my old Toshiba Satellite 210 CS with Linux +Xwindows. It is a
weak machine (P120, 1.3HDD, 16MB RAM) and standard edition RH 6.1 running so
slowly that it is impossible to use it for work.
I would like to ask in following questions:
1. Which distribution is the most suitable for this resources?
2. Is it even possible to run X on 16MB RAM or better forget it?
3. Is it possible to install and then use Office package like OpenOffice on my
4. Is it possible to run a wine on this computer?



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