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Re: After discussing on LCDs in Debian-laptop, did you get spammed by Sharp Systems as well?

> Today i got a spam by Sharp Systems, offering a LCD display.
> Did any of you (especially the ones who did participate in a discussion
> related to LCD displays) get that spam, too?
> Please tell me, i'm trying to find out why they spammed me...
> (It wasn't among the usual spam that is eaten by my filters, but it was
> only sent to my @debian.org address. I usually get spam multiple times,
> this one i got only once, and it had proper headers. So it has to be
> directed by some way, probably abuse of debian mailing lists, a thing we
> have to stop - but it might have been some other reason they spammed me,
> probably they spammed all @debian.org addresses?)
> So if you got one, too - please tell me.

I've got this spam message as well (to my @scnsoft.com address). Seems like
they grepped maillist to get per-person addresses.

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