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After discussing on LCDs in Debian-laptop, did you get spammed by Sharp Systems as well?

Today i got a spam by Sharp Systems, offering a LCD display.
Did any of you (especially the ones who did participate in a discussion
related to LCD displays) get that spam, too?
Please tell me, i'm trying to find out why they spammed me...
(It wasn't among the usual spam that is eaten by my filters, but it was
only sent to my @debian.org address. I usually get spam multiple times,
this one i got only once, and it had proper headers. So it has to be
directed by some way, probably abuse of debian mailing lists, a thing we
have to stop - but it might have been some other reason they spammed me,
probably they spammed all @debian.org addresses?)
So if you got one, too - please tell me.

Erich Schubert
        erich@(mucl.de|debian.org)        --        GPG Key ID: 4B3A135C
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                Those who understand binary and those who don't
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