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Re: IrDA on Nec VXI

On Wed, 07 Aug 2002 12:20:40 +0200, Werner Heuser <Werner.Heuser@web.de> wrote:

  | > IRDADEV=/dev/ttyS3
  | ...
  | > How can I know if the SIR is correct ?
  | search with dmesg for tty devices and guess the one that is
  | the IrDA port, also look up the BIOS if there is FIR disable it
I have no FIR in my AMIBIOS. Only a Serial IR that I set to auto 
for the IRQ/MEM  settings.

  | > ...
  | > Aug  7 11:18:25 tanna irattach: tcsetattr: Input/output errors
  | > ...
  | looks like you have to use setserial to set
  | /dev/ttyS3 to uart none (or even another option like irq 3, but
  | this is sort of guesswork), ttyS3 is not common usually
  | ttyS1 or ttyS2 is used for IrDA, please check again,
  | and maybe disabling other services: PCMCIA, sound, etc.
  | helps to debug the problem
I have made a test

 	SIR disabled       : no ttyS03 detected
	SIR enabled (auto) : ttyS03 detected 

So, the ttyS3 seems to be my SIR :-)

	ttyS0 is my db9 serial connector
	ttyS1 is my PCMCIA modem card 
	ttyS2 is unknown but I have a winmodem in my laptop !:-)
	      it's not configured in linux but !
	ttyS3 seems to be my SIR

"irda start" works if I put the irdadev to ttyS0 !:-|

Do I have to insmod other driver like  	
  - toshoboe.o
  - smc-ircc.o
  - nsc-ircc.o



  | ...
  | > I'have red your HOWTO Werner and done all you describe (I think :-)
  | > I have certainly missed something and that's why I ask for help on
  | > the list .
  | no problem you are welcome, I just wanted to make sure you know
  | it and I admit IrDA isn't sometimes easy to get to work
  | Good luck
  | Werner
  | PS: Please don't CC me.

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