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Re: IrDA on Nec VXI

> IRDADEV=/dev/ttyS3
> How can I know if the SIR is correct ?
search with dmesg for tty devices and guess the one that is
the IrDA port, also look up the BIOS if there is FIR disable it

> ...
> Aug  7 11:18:25 tanna irattach: tcsetattr: Input/output errors
> ...

looks like you have to use setserial to set
/dev/ttyS3 to uart none (or even another option like irq 3, but
this is sort of guesswork), ttyS3 is not common usually
ttyS1 or ttyS2 is used for IrDA, please check again,
and maybe disabling other services: PCMCIA, sound, etc.
helps to debug the problem

> I'have red your HOWTO Werner and done all you describe (I think :-)
> I have certainly missed something and that's why I ask for help on
> the list .

no problem you are welcome, I just wanted to make sure you know
it and I admit IrDA isn't sometimes easy to get to work

Good luck


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