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Re: Kernel sizes

From: "Ivar Alm" <octo@acc.umu.se>
> >
> >make-kpkg (apt-get install kernel-package) is an easier way to get
> >kernels installed in the Debian way.
> make-kpkg? Never looked at it. Are there any howtos describing it in more

There's a very simple readme in the package.  It doesn't take any more than
that to get kernel compiles working - I know, because I found the whole
thought of compiling the kernel way too intimidating until I actually was
forced to try it.

> detail? I managed to boot my compiled kernel, but lacked several important
> modules that could start my pcmcia etc. How do I find out what modules are
> important? Seems to be a bit akward to write down all modules I think my
> current kernel loads, and then mark them at the next compile. Could
> make-kpkg help in this?

Not really - I always start from a working config file, but it would be the
same for either compiling via make or make-kpkg.  The current config file
should be in /boot/config-*, so you can either load that into menuconfig or
xconfig, or just copy it over the .config file in your linux source
directory.  That way you have all the config options you already know work,
and you can add or subtract as you need.

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