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Re: pro's and con's of Evolution mail reader?

Thanks for all the advice, my friends! I've now installed sylpheed and I love it. Light and fast, and so far, very solid. No bugs encountered yet.

Here's what I like so far about sylpheed

1 It was easy to configure -- i set up my pop3 and smtp, username, password, etc in under two minutes

2 It is very speedy -- so far, the speediest one I've seen. I've also tried Balsa, Mozilla Mail, and KMail.

3 It features an intuitive interface. Similar to Outlook.

4 It made it easy for me to peek at the log file, to see an error that sylpheed generated when trying to download my mail from the pop3 server. The diagnostic clues from that led me to create a local Mail folder, which solved my problem.

In conclusion, I think sylpheed rocks.

Gale Stafford

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