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Re: i4100: APM, suspend OK; Fn, power cord cause freeze


> I've read various posts describing APM problems with Dell laptops. My
> APM works fine on kernel 2.4.18 with APM and i8k complied in (info gets
> read, suspend & resume apparently works) yet any of the Fn+XX
> combinations (e.g. Fn+D, Fn+volume-up, even Fn+arrow keys!) freezes my
> Inspiron 4100 real hard, and so does pulling/plugging the power cord.
> Other symptoms include: fans blowing at full speed after suspending for
> more than two hours, random lockups when not using the machine but
> leaving it on for long.
> This leads me to think I have a BIOS problem.
> Can anyone recommend a i4100 BIOS which works well? Or otherwise point
> to a solution to these weird problems?

I had the same problem with the vanilla debian 2.4.18 kernel.
I found the solution here :

http://www.tc.umn.edu/~hick0088/laptop/i4100.html in the Kernel Part.

Basiquely you have to not configure (not even in modules) the kernel for APIC.
It worked very fine for me.
I am currently using BIOS A07, but I had A08 before and I guess it should work


Guillaume du Manoir - guillaume@du-manoir.eu.org

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