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Help installing Debian


I tried installing Woody over the network. It all appeared to work, and in the end booted into Debian at a console.

But there is no Gnome, or KDE. I used tselect, selected ALL the options, avoided dselect (I don't know enough how to use that yet <g>), and I don't know why the install didn't provide me with a GUI (which I'd like so I can read docs, access the web to learn more, etc.)

Can anyone tell me how to get Debian working?

I have Potato 2.2r2 CDs, but I read in a web page that the driver for my network card (Intel Ethernet Pro 10/100) isn't in Potato.

What strategy would be best, please. I would like to get a look at Debian and hopefully move on to learning how to use it (I've heard good comments).


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