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i4100: APM, suspend OK; Fn, power cord cause freeze

I've read various posts describing APM problems with Dell laptops. My
APM works fine on kernel 2.4.18 with APM and i8k complied in (info gets
read, suspend & resume apparently works) yet any of the Fn+XX
combinations (e.g. Fn+D, Fn+volume-up, even Fn+arrow keys!) freezes my
Inspiron 4100 real hard, and so does pulling/plugging the power cord.
Other symptoms include: fans blowing at full speed after suspending for
more than two hours, random lockups when not using the machine but
leaving it on for long.

This leads me to think I have a BIOS problem.

Can anyone recommend a i4100 BIOS which works well? Or otherwise point
to a solution to these weird problems?


- Matthijs

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