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Re: acpi package

On Fri, 3 May 2002, Alessandro Speranza wrote:
> Hi folks. Yesterday I was hanging around the debian web site and I saw
> there's a new package on called acpi-something and I was wondering if
> anyone knows what it is about. 

Do you mean the package 'acpi'?

> Is it related to the sourceforge.net acpi project? 


> I've used the patch acpi from sourceforge.net for my kernel 2.4.17,
> and, although limited, it recognizes battery, AC power, buttons and
> stuff. THe thing I'm missing is an applet to monitor battery charge
> and the battery lasts just about one and half hour with the ACPI I've
> got. Does anyone know if this acpi package would help me anyhow?

It would let you query the ACPI information on the command line, just
like the apm command does. Not much more than that, though.

You are probably better off with APM if your system supports it.


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