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Boot Loader

Hello, everyone

My question concerns boot loaders which I am going to use on Asus A1
series laptops. 

Basically I need to install into hda mbr a boot loader which 
1) is menu driven (don't ask why) - so, not LiLo
2) will work with Win98 installed on hda1 and Linux on hda3 (LiLo is on
hda3 to boot linux) - I know, win98 writes smth to the boot sector from
time to time. So, I do not want to reinstall the boot loader each time I
make an update in Win98.
3) supports boot after hybernation in Win
4) is relyable  :)

I used to use NT loader (it was Win2k + Linux on the machines), but now
is going to downgrade to Win98. The reason is: Windows has to reside on
its own partition, but be able to boot:
A. normally, using this boot loader
B. from VMWare, installed in Linux - that's what win2k failed 

Any piece of advice is appreciated.

Thanks in advance


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