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Re: Which filesystem for a notebook?

On Apr 11, Michal Frackowiak wrote:
> I am going to install linux on a Mitac 6120 (p3 700) machine with 12gb 
> hdd. My question is however a general one: which filesystem to install?
> The possibilities are:
> 1. ext2 - standard
> 2. ext3 - with logging
> 3. raiserfs - with logging
> I would make an ext2 - but parhaps it is worth trying some new ones with 
> logging?
> I will greatly apprieciate any oppinion!
well after reading all the replies I would normally of not bothering adding
my suggestions to the hat if someone had mentioned XFS.  XFS is much much
better than ReiserFS, ext3, JFS for many reasons.  One its pretty damn
stable, not one problem, if you follow the Changelog's for the kernel
revisions you will notice that more or less every single one is having bug
fixes for ReiserFS problems added.

Sure Reiser is a clever idea however there are a few problems:
1. harddisk doesn't spin down
2. most people I know who have used reiser have had *nasty* problems
3. if your partition goes above 75% disk usage (or something like that)
performace is not particular great.
4. increased CPU usage (reports of 30% more in IO operations)
5. I just don't like it, I once tried it, it nuked everything, sure the
problem was probably my fault however I still don't trust it....

sure I will probably great flamed for 'blaspheming', as I think one of the
developers for Reiser is on this list, however XFS is sweet.  It has none
of the above problems, on a pre-emptive kernel everything is so damn fast
its too good :)

I highly recommend you ignore *everyone* on the list who doesn't say to use
XFS and go ahead and get step by step instructions from me on the way forward
:)  "Go on....join us....." :)

trust me, its for the best you won't be disappointed, especially when you get
the near read/write raw speeds from your harddisk too....

The only disadvantage with XFS compared to ReiserFS is when you delete
thousands of files in a go performance is only slightly better than ext2,
however reiserfs is pretty much instant (for technical reasons in the
design).  This is all dandy however its not a daily thing I do (ie scrub
kernel source tree) and if I do I normally just go ahead and and background
the task ;)

trust me.....


PS XFS I have used on so many machine with *no* problems ever and I have
moved all my friends onto it and they have not had one problem either.  Sure
ReiserFS may be in the kernel tree, it doesn't mean its a good thing though
:) People will mention that although XFS is mature in the FS level its
implimentation into linux is relatively new.....bear in mind I haven't heard
*one* report of a XFS nuked machine...Reiser I hear about on a regular

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