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Re: Which filesystem for a notebook?

On Thu, Apr 11, 2002 at 01:02:17PM +0200, Michal Frackowiak wrote:
> Hi!
> I am going to install linux on a Mitac 6120 (p3 700) machine with 12gb 
> hdd. My question is however a general one: which filesystem to install?
> The possibilities are:
> 1. ext2 - standard
> 2. ext3 - with logging
> 3. raiserfs - with logging
> I would make an ext2 - but parhaps it is worth trying some new ones with 
> logging?
> I will greatly apprieciate any oppinion!
> thanx
> michal

The new journal filesystems are a good thing, but I'm afraid that Reiser
doesn't have yet a good filesystem checker as e2fsck is; although is a
good filesystem.

I recommend you to use ext3 because of three reasons:

	1. is a journal FS

	2. You have e2fsck

	3. You can go back to ext2 when you want without making backup
	and reformat the partition. }:))



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