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Re: Which filesystem for a notebook?

On Thu, 2002-04-11 at 13:22, Michal Frackowiak wrote:
> Mark Janssen wrote:
> >On Thu, 2002-04-11 at 13:02, Michal Frackowiak wrote:
> >If you want more battery life, stick with ext2, since the journaling
> >filesystems keep the harddisk spinning all the time.
> >
> No way to stop it? No standby?

Sure you can go to suspend... but when not suspended the disk will spin
up every 5-15 seconds to write journal data.

Using ext2 and noflushd you can hold this back. this doesn't work for
ext3 and reiser.

> >Installing reiser is harder, since you need to install somewhere, get a
> >reiser capable kernel, reboot with that, make reiser filesystems and
> >move your data from the 'somewhere' location to the real filesystems.
> >
> I think one of boot disk of woody is reiserfs-ready. So I could just 
> start with a plain hdd.

A lot has changed the last year(s)... it's easier now indeed. Still... I
think ext3 is a safer bet (you can always go back to ext2, for rescue
disks etc)

> >I've had reiserfs on my laptop for a long time... but at the last
> >disk-crash (all filesystems broken) I switched to ext3 (because it was
> >in 2.4 kernel then, and I didn't want to go through all the hassle of
> >reiser installation etc.
> >
> Did I mention the system MUST be stable ;)

I had some very unstable hardware... It got too hot and crashes... fan
control in this laptop is seriously borked... (It's not a linux problem)

I always recommend using a 2.4 kernel, especially on 'desktop' systems
(including laptops) since 2.4 responds so much better.

I'm currently using 'unstable' with a 2.4.19-pre5 kernel. (Using

Since installing the AA patches it's been stable again, where it used to
crash due to 'out-of-memory' problems multiple times a day before.

It's been running all night (downloading news) and all day now, usually
it wouln't have survived that... now it's still going strong :)


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