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Re: Which filesystem for a notebook?

On Thu, 11 Apr 2002, Michal Frackowiak wrote:

>1. ext2 - standard
>2. ext3 - with logging
>3. raiserfs - with logging
>I would make an ext2 - but parhaps it is worth trying some new ones with

I would myself use reiserfs--*if* it would be supported in kernel 2.2.20.
ext3 is very useful when converting ext2 to a journaling filesystem, but
for a new fs, I would rather use reiserfs.

However, in my opinion one shouldn't yet trust too much to 2.4.x kernels.
On my laptop, the serial port and floppy drive don't work acceptably with
2.4.18. So I have to use 2.2.20 whenever I use them. So that's why my all
filesystems are regular ext2.

Of course one could patch 2.2 kernel to have ext3 or reiserfs, but I prefer
to rather use clean, unpatched kernel.

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