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Re: Debian PC Requirements

At 09:33 AM 4/10/02, Derek Broughton wrote:
Nick wrote:
Thanks Nate I will do just that. As for my testimonial I only say it how I
see it. I feel confident in using Debian and where I don't understand
something there is an copious amount of documentation which is easy to find
at www.debian.org and aslong as it is read which I think those who moan
about Debian probably do not then there shouldn't be too many problems but

While we're straying rather far from laptop issues, I thought I'd mention that Linux Magazine (UK - not the thinner American magazine of the same name) last year rated various distros head-to-head and complained that Debian was both very difficult to install AND obsolete. Never mind that they could have just as easily tested Woody as Potato. But they tested Mandrake 8.2 before it was out of beta. It's tough to make much headway against that sort of FUD.

When people hear the word Testing, they think it's pre-beta. When they hear
beta, they feel like they are part of something. They just like saying that
they've been using it since the beta version. Stable may be obsolete
but at least there is no worry about any problems with it at all. Testing has a
strong chance of breaking things because of that, alot of people don't want to
touch it.

I remember a bench mark that was done in Linux Journal within the last
year. Debian potato IIRC was ranked lowest. Just more FUD.

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