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sound - sometimes

I am using a kernel sound module for my notebook (cs46xx).
I can get the sound to work.
But yesterday while playing around I started up KDE (as root) from the command line - I normally use 'kdm'. I was greeted with all kinds of sound effects - startup sounds, clicky sounds, windows open/close sounds.... I've never heard them before! Under KDM, I don't get these - but I can get some sounds... mostly a modified beep.

I tried to log in from the command prompt as "joe user" and the sounds didn't work then either. Only root, only from command line.

I have "joe user" added as an audio group member and the rights are set to crw-rw---- for the sound device.

When I boot - syslog has entries about unable to find (I forget exactly the names) files matching /sound/ that came originally from a failed alsa installation that I later purged. I have removed all the alsa files, re-ran update-modutils and checked to see that modules.conf do not reference these files. But they are still being attempted.

Side note:
Where does kdm get it's PATH from? I've been trying to fix it for days not and all the conventional methods do not work. I turned up the debugging and saw that my PATH does not match /etc/profile or ~/.profile, ~/.xinitrc, /etc/X11/xinit/xinitrc
How do I fix this so it's using the same path as my /etc/profile?

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