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Re: ati (mach64) framebuffer

The vesa fb works nicely. Thanks.

--- Vivek <vivek@etla.org> wrote:
> On Wed, 26 Sep 2001, Richard Weil wrote:
> > Can anyone give me some pointers on getting the
> > framebuffer set-up?
> I think the ATI framebuffer stuff is still pretty
> experimental - still
> hoses the display on my laptop completely - I just
> use the vesa fb - it's
> not as if I spend of a lot of time on the console
> anyway - it may be worth
> contacting the author(s) with your symptoms if you
> have the time to give
> them the feedback/diagnostics they need to fix
> things....
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> You are in a maze of twisty X resources, all like.

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