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Re: Req. advice on upgrades: kernel, X, libc

On Sunday 09 September 2001 09:03 pm, Scott Bigham wrote:
> This is, I humbly submit, at least partially on-topic for this list, ;)
> since the machine I'm thinking about upgrading is my notebook, and at
> least some of the questions are laptop-specific.
>   - XFree86:  3.3.6 -> 4.1.0
>     My notebook is a Toshiba Portege 7020CT, which has a NeoMagic NM2200
>     video chip.  The XFree86 site lists this chip as "Support
>     (accelerated)" in 4.1.0;[1] do I lose the acceleration if I use the
>     framebuffer?
>     There's also the question of the XF86Config changes; is there a
>     utility to convert an old 3.3.6 config file to the new syntax?

The configuration files for X 4 is actually quite similar, and if anything, 
simpler.  Just save your old one and compare them side by side, and it should 
be fine.

>   - libc6:  2.1.3 -> 2.2.3
>     This is the one that's really got me worried.  I mean, if this goes
>     wrong, it has the potential to break *everything*.  Anything special
>     I need to do here?
>     And, coming full circle, if I do this upgrade before the kernel
>     upgrade, do I still need to use the "bunk" versions of the various
>     2.4 utilities,[2] or can I just use the versions from testing?

When I upgraded potato -> woody, the only glitch was some dependencies 
concerning perl 5.6, libc 2.2, and APT.  It ended up that apt,(which uses 
perl) started barfing up on me because the old libc was still installed but 
perl had been upgraded first... It wasn't much of a problem, you just have to 
manually download 1 or 2 packages and dpkg install them if needed.


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