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RE: wooky->potato

"Testing" is improving.  However, since I've noticed some of the same
problems with conflicting or missing dependencies, I've chosen to install
"stable," use '=' to have dselect hold all packages, and then upgrade them
to testing as needed.  So, for example, I go through and install the stable
release, hold all packages, and then I notice that in order to use Yahoo
chat, I have to upgrade Everybuddy.  So I tell it to look at the "testing"
tree, change the status of that one back to normal, dselect then tells me
what else I would have to upgrade to install the new version of Everybuddy,
I let it do that much, and everything is fine.  

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I'll start out kind of vague as I'm looking for a yes/no kind of 
reply right now.

I have a notebook that I installed about a year ago.
At the time I did a stable install and then upgraded to testing.
After running 'apt-get dist-upgrade' a lot, everything came up 
cool and I have the XFree86 4.x support that I need.

I've recently tried the same method of installing and upgrading to 
woody and this entire XFree86 is a complete bust, in addition to 
many other problems I am seeing.  I can't say that there are any 
significant problems other than the deb packages seem to have all 
there relationships in "dysfunctional" mode.
I start getting into so many conflicts that eventually it all 
breaks down and when I am able to get most of the errors resolved, 
there is nothing X related on the system and I can't seem to add 
anything in.

Has anyone else been finding upgrades to woody getting better or 

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