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Re: Omnibook 800 feature fn-keys [Re: turning off (LCD+) backlight without suspending]

> > >  FN+On/Off If turn-on password protection is active,
> > >  suspends (turns off) the OmniBook so the password is required at
> > >  turn-on. FN+F1 ... F12 Starts the assigned application, which you can
> > >  change.

> > Any ideas how to capture this in Linux/X?  I tried setting
> > up a shortcut with bbkeys (blackbox wm's keyboard app) but
> > hitting Fn-F1 just switches me to console 1.

> In order to do any macro-ing on the Fn key you would need to know what 
> keycode it generates.  When "windows keys" were new they were the same
> problem, and people had to hunt up (via showkeys or otherwise) that they
> weree scancode 106. (or is that the menu key.  I forget.)

> showkeys is a console utility.

Hmmm.  kbd provides console-utilities
# apt-get install kbd
# showkey -s 
: (...pressing fn-F1 through fn-F12 in turn...)
: kb mode was XLATE
: 0x9c 
(press any key (program terminates 10s after last keypress)...
: 0x1d 0x38 0x3b 0x9d 0xb8 0xbb 
: 0x1d 0x38 0x3c 0x9d 0xb8 0xbc 
: 0x1d 0x38 0x58 0x9d 0xb8 0xd8 

For comparison...
# showkey -s 
: kb mode was XLATE
: press any key (program terminates 10s after last keypress)...
: 0x9c 
(...pressing fn-F1 through fn-F12 in turn...)
: 0x3b 0xbb 
: 0x3c 0xbc 
: 0x3d 0xbd 
: 0x58 0xd8 

OK, so it looks like Fn adds 0x1d 0x38 before the first
F1-F12 key scan codeand 0x9d 0xb8 before the second one.
So I guess if I want to pursue this further, I'll have to
learn about defining XKB stuff etc.  Actually, I do switch
keyboards a bit, so I'm not sure I really want to customize
this unless I find something laptop-specific I want to
trigger.  Well, maybe networking mode, Fn-F1 for mobile (no LAN), 
Fn-F2 for office, Fn F3 for home LAN...

Thanks, Heather.
> * Heather Stern * star@ many places...

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